As part of gaining an even stronger market position Husqvarna wanted to develop a more clear, coherent and market friendly packaging design for all their products globally – both for consumers and professional users.

Design assignments on an industrial scale are always complex: 

  • flexible design system – the products differ a lot in shape and size 

  • 29 languages, one package

  • logistics and integration in the production process

  • cardboard quality, durability requirements and printing techniques

  • different legal requirements on different markets

  • counterfeit protection

  • integration of visual design guide lines in production systems



The analysis phase mainly consisted of a current situation analysis. We formed ourselves a common understanding of Husqvarna’s position and what possibilities and resources we had available to integrate the new packaging in the organization.

In order to create a flexible visual design system with so many factors to consider we tried to find the smallest common visual building blocks. These formed the basis for the development of a uniform design and information architecture.

To ensure the quality we tested the new packaging design throughout the project. What did the dealers and customers think about the design? How well did they integrate into production? Was the durability good enough?

When all bits and pieces were in place we developed the graphic guidelines. Also we produced all tools necessary letting Husqvarna’s in-house agency continue working with the new packaging design.