We are a brand and design agency.

We transform through business understanding and creative intelligence.
We create short term effects and long term results.
No matter if you’ve been around for 300 years or just launched your first product we accelerate your business.

How we operate

We  love business development through branding and communication. Being entrepreneurs at heart we know how tough it can be for startups and small businesses to afford the much needed investments in marketing. Therefore we have two business models:

  • We become your agency partner, just like 99% of all agency relations. We agree on a fee for a specific scope of work. Committed guns for hire.
  • We invest in you, for real. We bring all our knowledge and experience and agree on a scope of work for a stake in your company. We help you prioritize and execute to move your business forward. And trust us, we'll be in it together.Read more at brandclubinvest.se


What we do

We have a strategic starting point in everything we do. We research, provoke, test and think hard to iron out a business driven strategy with a creative nerve.

  • Research and insights
  • Brand strategies and platforms
  • Digital and communication strategies
  • Naming and related legal aspects


We make decisions faster and faster and we trust our emotions to help us when products and services are becoming less differentiated. Whether it is a website, a product or an entire company, design plays an important role to leverage its brand platform and make it stand out from the competitors – in a relevant and emotional way.

  • Design platforms
  • Visual identities and design systems
  • Packaging design
  • Digital design


Since strategy and design not well executed are useless, we always recommend concrete actions to take. We implement, inspire and deliver tools that will help you create a strong brand.

  • Brand implementation
  • Messaging
  • Creative boost
  • Inhouse tools