Extending a B2B brand in to the consumer market.

Brand Strategy / Visual Identity / Messaging

Exxent is a high quality product range of tablewear and cookware for restaurants, caterers and industrial kitchens. The brand is strong among the professional users and it is slowly spreading to the home pros. This is something MerxTeam want to take advantage of, but markting kitchen products to the end consumer makes new demands on the brand.

As part of meeting these demands Team Exxent was created. Together with a number of reputable restaurant personalities we make the entire product range for bars, serving and kitchens visible. Team Exxent is not only our professional ambassadors inspiring all of us home chefs with recipes, smart tips and care instructions. They are also our quality control making sure our products meets the highest standard.

Below are pictures from the team's first get-together in the Swedish west coast archipelago. A great opportunity to create marketing material.