From Swedish workwear generalist to European flame retardant expert.

Brand Strategy / Visual Identity / Messaging

In connection with a serious workplace accident in the mid 00’s, Tranemo decided to develop a new type of advanced workwear with improved flame and heat protection. The journey they started has changed them from within. All for a safer workplace.

A transformation like this has to be reflected by the company’s brand in order to make a clear statement to the market, as well as internally.

A brand platform supporting the new strategic direction was put in place. As a consequence the name was changed, from ”Tranemo Workwear” to just ”Tranemo”. To underline the strategy and distinguish Tranemo from the workwear generalists a tag line was also added: Tranemo – Advanced workwear.

As the visual expression of a brand is one of the most important tools when communicating a new visual identity was developed. All to emphasise and assist on the journey towards Tranemo’s vision to become ”Europe’s leading inherent flame retardant workwear brand.”