Your farm, your opportunity.

Concept / Design / Messaging

Landshypotek Bank inspires farm owners to see new opportunities in their farms.

Swedish rural areas are under transformation – from a production economy to a consumption and experience economy. As the traditional farm industries are being reshaped there is a need to find additional income. Found within the hospitality industry, these new businesses are often started by women – cafes, shops, lodging, display gardens and equestrianism. They create employment and sales, but also meeting places and networks in rural areas that indirectly creates new opportunities.

Landshypotek Bank, being the rural bank, wants to inspire more farm owners to see new opportunities in their farm and thereby create growth in rural areas.

Based on these insights, the campaign "Your farm, your opportunity" was launched. Farm owners compete with their idea of how their farm can be developed. Along with a picture they submit a text describing the idea. A renowned jury will select the five entires deemed to have the most potential and then the People's Voice appoints the winner. Obtain votes? Just share your entry with your loved ones, your customers and all others in your network.

Over a hundred entries were submitted, thousands voted, and a new traffic record at was set. The campaign also created content that inspires more people to see new opportunities in their farms. Content that can be used in other contexts in the long term.